Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Usually, articles and books are written for girls to figure out whether a guy is into them or not. Countless movies have been made on the subject too. But do guys ever wonder if the girl they like feels the same way? Here are some signs for you to figure if your crush carries a torch for you too… 1. She listens to you with rapt attention: If your woman hangs on to your every word and even remembers and recalls it at a later date, then she’s totally into you. 2. She follows your fashion advice: If you tell her that she looks pretty in certain clothes or should avoid certain clothes and she listens to you and wears your favourite type of clothes, go ahead and ask her out already! 3. She waits for your call: If you tell her that you will call at a particular time, and she waits and answers promptly, then boy, you are lucky in love!