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Ethical Pharma Monopoly in India

Onestalife is a growing Pharma Company in field of PCD and Monopoly which aims at providing quality products within the reach of every segment of the society. Known as best PCD and Monopoly Company in India, we are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Pharmaceutical products across the nation through PCD Franchise network.

Monopoly Pharma or Third Party Distributor Company

Monopoly Pharma are also called third party distributor companies. Monopoly Pharma Companies can give distribution rights to others. It helps to widen the network and reach new horizon. Onestalife has been highly successful in setting up its strong presence across India due to its wide PCD Pharma Monopoly. We have given Franchise rights to several distributors due to which our Pharma products are easily available in most parts of the country.

About Pharma Monopoly Business

We are looking for Monopoly Business Partner (Franchise / PCD). Dedicated professionals are invited to join our company by undertaking the red PCD or franchise of the company. Monopoly rights are available for the professionally managed groups. By being our franchise, the company has to market our products in their region with following requisites.

  1. The company must have regularly updated portfolio of products.

  2. The pricing of products should be kept according to competitive net rates.

  3. It should have required product material kits.

  4. It should be able to customise prices for bulk purchases.

Beside this, we provide timely support to our franchise companies and distributors so that the marketing and sales of Pharma products can be done smoothly. The support is given in form of technical training, marketing training and products related info through pamphlets, visiting cards, samples, product cards and medicine packaging. The distributors associated with the best PCD Monopoly Pharma Company, Onestalife, get the benefit of having a huge product portfolio.

We are engaged in manufacturing several Pharma products like tablets, capsules, protein powder, skin creams and nutraceutical products. All these products are manufactured strictly according to set a manufacturing guideline which ensures no compromise in the quality of the manufactured Pharma products. Our dedicated and efficient team ensures that all Pharma products are manufactured using topnotch ingredients, giving the customers a superior service and experience. We believe in providing a good service and support to our customers from franchise also as customer satisfaction and quality service is our primary motive.

Onesta life is looking to create new success stories by speeding its distribution network across India, for which we require new dedicated professionals who are willing to put their best efforts in marketing and distribution of Pharma products. If you possess strong marketing skills which are required to spread the network of the company and are interested to get associated with the best Pharma Monopoly Company, then Onesta is the best place for you.

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